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Software Engineer / Android Developer

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Highly motivated software engineer, who is fascinated about technology and enjoys working in fast-paced and creative environments.

Android | Java | Kotlin | C++ | C# | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | Unity3D | PHP | Python | Matlab | MySQL


Software Engineering Research Lab (SERC) - UT Arlington (May 2019 - present)

Currently writing a Master's Thesis on Software Engineering and its Application to AI and Deep Learning under the supervision of Prof. Christoph Csallner

Algorithms Research Lab - National Dong Hwa University (March 2017 - June 2017)

Research article, which proposes a custom solution that solves the well-known longest path problem, for a rectangular grid graph with two missing vertices. Read the full article here.

Latest Projects

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UniTutor - Android Application

UniTutor is a utility App, that was designed for National Dong Hwa University students, to enable them to Easily find on-campus Places and Facilities and also build a Network with other Students through their Shared Interests. Unitutor brings NDHU students closer together and is downloadable for free on the Google Play Store.

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UList - Android Application

UList is an App that allows you to create and manage your lists. With UList, your shopping list, contacts list and timetables are safe and available everywhere. It is a productivity App that you must absolutely try.

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CSIE-B0020 Companion - Android Application

CSIE-B0020 Companion was designed to be a complementary course material for the Introduction to Programming(I) class in National Dong Hwa University. It is a programming dictionary that features 200 C function definitions with their detailed descriptions, along with coding tutorials and programming exercices. It works offline and allows students to bookmark their favorite functions for quick access.

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Other Projects

Work Experience

Satellites Exhibition Staff - National Space Organization (NSPO) and NARLabs Taiwan (2016 - 2017)

Volunteered for NSPO’s Special Exhibition about Taiwan Formosa Satellites at National Dong Hwa University Innovation Research Park.


Basketball Intramural Sports Official - Maverick Activities Center (2019 - Present)

VP of Technology - Engineering Students Council (ESC) (2018 - Present)

Guest Speaker - Consequentiam Innovation Forum (CIF Taipei 2017) (2017)

Topic : Contributing to Africa's Tech Boom as Students and Engineers.

NDHU Men's Soccer Team - National Dong Hwa University (2016 - 2018)

Guest Speaker - Consequentiam Innovation Forum (CIF Taipei 2015) (2015)

Topic : Connected Objects and the Internet Of Things.

NTHU CS Men's Basketball Team - National Tsing Hua University (2014)

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